Great Ideas to Celebrate Saints And Holy Creatures

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Learn­ing about the saints is a per­fect oppor­tu­nity to teach young­sters to be aware of the impor­tance of ani­mals. Saint Fran­cis con­sid­ered all ani­mals “broth­ers” and“sisters” because they were cre­ated from the same heav­enly Father. The lives of these saints have taught us that God’s crea­tures are fam­ily to us. As stew­ards of cre­ation, we should care for them like fam­ily, assist­ing them, pro­tect­ing them, and advo­cat­ing for their welfare.

If young­sters are nur­tured and encour­aged to model the saint’s min­istry to all crea­tures, then they will become com­pas­sion­ate and kinder indi­vid­u­als to all of cre­ation — includ­ing humankind.

 Prac­ti­cal Ideas To Become Saint-sational Keeper Of The Earth:

1. Design a spe­cial spot in your back yard for a but­ter­fly or bird sanc­tu­ary. Lovely to look at and a safe haven for God’s feath­ered and fly­ing creatures.

2. Make sure pets have I.D.‘s and are spaded and neutered. Be sure your pet has a vet­eri­nar­ian to have reg­u­lar health­care checkups.

3. Be a wise shop­per. Sup­port prod­ucts and ser­vices that respect ani­mals lives.

4. If you live in a state that may require nat­ural dis­as­ter evac­u­a­tion, be pre­pared with a kit for your pets and a plan of safety for them.

5. Be a com­mu­nity leader and get involved in ani­mal projects to sup­port our furry, finned, and feath­ered friends.

Here Are A Few “Fur” Rais­ing Ideas:

a. Furry Friends Food Drive — Select a day to col­lect non-perishable food items to be given to ani­mal shelters.

b. Toys For Pups — Lead a toy drive for toys and sup­plies for train­ing dogs.

c. Miss Kitty’s Kitchen — Spon­sor a drive for cat food, health supplies,and toys.

d. Pooch Spa Clinic — Lead a drive to col­lect groom­ing needs for our canie friends.

e. Con­duct pledge dri­ves and ask for dona­tions to help aban­doned animals.

f. Pledge drive can be min­utes read­ing books, min­utes away from tech­nol­ogy, walk­ing, swim­ming, and yes, even studying.

g. Spon­sor bake sales that focus on sell­ing pet treats, sup­plies, toys, blan­kets, and food.

h. Con­tact home­less shel­ters regard­ing their pol­icy on fam­i­lies who also have pets. Donate pro­ceeds from your event.

6. Pur­chase cruelty-free cos­met­ics and house­hold products.

7. Adopt a pet from a local ani­mal shel­ter or res­cue group.

8. Work with your local parish to encour­age a “bless­ing” of pets day.

9. Hold a Saints And Holy Crea­tures Day on All Saints Day. Chil­dren can come dressed as a saint who loved ani­mals and tell his or her story.

Encour­ag­ing young­sters to be good stew­ards is a bless­ing and prayer for the whole universe.

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