Butterfly Thoughts — Can You Be A Butterfly

Butterfly Leaving Cocoon

Even A But­ter­fly Has To Work Hard

I was walk­ing with my lit­tle dog Brad War­ren yes­ter­day, and he found an empty cocoon cas­ing.  I could see the tiny open­ing where the lit­tle but­ter­fly flew out.

I can remem­ber a time when as a child when I really did see a but­ter­fly that was try­ing to escape from its cocoon.

It was so mind-boggling to see that frag­ile crea­ture fight­ing his way to escape that cov­er­ing. I stood there quite a while and began to worry that maybe that lit­tle insect might not be able to escape.


I decided it was time for me to come to the res­cue so I found a lit­tle branch and began to make a hole to help the but­ter­fly leave its shel­ter more eas­ily. My friend Janie stopped me and would not let me do that. She knew a lot more about but­ter­flies than I did.

She told me that if I helped the lit­tle crea­ture out that it would most prob­a­bly not live the day.

You see, all the flap­ping and strug­gling to break away from the nest was really help­ing the but­ter­fly to become strong and healthy.
All the hard work that was going on had a very good rea­son.  It was build­ing up the butterfly’s strength so it could fly.

Janie also told me that but­ter­flies have a spe­cial fat in the cocoon when they strug­gle to get out. This fatty oil goes all over its tiny body and wings. If the oil did not spread on its body, it would not be made safe from the weather and the elements.

The butterfly’s wings might even get break­able and cracked.
They most likely would fall apart and the lit­tle crea­ture would never be able to soar.

Janie explained to me that the but­ter­fly is made that way for a spe­cial reason.

Even though it works hard, feels trapped inside its cocoon, and want total free­dom;
it is in the hard work that is get­ting ready to be free and live in the beau­ti­ful out­side world.

This is such a great les­son for all of us to learn.

We all have to expe­ri­ence things in our life that are not easy.  We all have chal­lenges and strug­gles we have to go through.  There are even times we are unhappy and won­der if
we will ever be free from what makes us sad or worried.

But Remem­ber The Butterfly


Remember The Butterfly

Per­se­ver­ance Pays Off


There may be times in your life when you have to strug­gle or work hard to be suc­cess­ful.  Then – after you have done the hard work – and because you have been true to that goal you set–  you can feel free and full of hap­pi­ness that you have succeed.

Think about it.…..

Can You Be A Butterfly?

Love And Wisdom