Great Ideas to Celebrate Saints And Holy Creatures

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Learn­ing about the saints is a per­fect oppor­tu­nity to teach young­sters to be aware of the impor­tance of ani­mals. Saint Fran­cis con­sid­ered all ani­mals “broth­ers” and“sisters” because they were cre­ated from the same heav­enly Father. The lives of these saints have taught us that God’s crea­tures are fam­ily to us. As stew­ards of cre­ation, we should care for them like fam­ily, assist­ing them, pro­tect­ing them, and advo­cat­ing for their welfare.

If young­sters are nur­tured and encour­aged to model the saint’s min­istry to all crea­tures, then they will become com­pas­sion­ate and kinder indi­vid­u­als to all of cre­ation — includ­ing humankind.

 Prac­ti­cal Ideas To Become Saint-sational Keeper Of The Earth:

1. Design a spe­cial spot in your back yard for a but­ter­fly or bird sanc­tu­ary. Lovely to look at and a safe haven for God’s feath­ered and fly­ing creatures.

2. Make sure pets have I.D.‘s and are spaded and neutered. Be sure your pet has a vet­eri­nar­ian to have reg­u­lar health­care checkups.

3. Be a wise shop­per. Sup­port prod­ucts and ser­vices that respect ani­mals lives.

4. If you live in a state that may require nat­ural dis­as­ter evac­u­a­tion, be pre­pared with a kit for your pets and a plan of safety for them.

5. Be a com­mu­nity leader and get involved in ani­mal projects to sup­port our furry, finned, and feath­ered friends.

Here Are A Few “Fur” Rais­ing Ideas:

a. Furry Friends Food Drive — Select a day to col­lect non-perishable food items to be given to ani­mal shelters.

b. Toys For Pups — Lead a toy drive for toys and sup­plies for train­ing dogs.

c. Miss Kitty’s Kitchen — Spon­sor a drive for cat food, health supplies,and toys.

d. Pooch Spa Clinic — Lead a drive to col­lect groom­ing needs for our canie friends.

e. Con­duct pledge dri­ves and ask for dona­tions to help aban­doned animals.

f. Pledge drive can be min­utes read­ing books, min­utes away from tech­nol­ogy, walk­ing, swim­ming, and yes, even studying.

g. Spon­sor bake sales that focus on sell­ing pet treats, sup­plies, toys, blan­kets, and food.

h. Con­tact home­less shel­ters regard­ing their pol­icy on fam­i­lies who also have pets. Donate pro­ceeds from your event.

6. Pur­chase cruelty-free cos­met­ics and house­hold products.

7. Adopt a pet from a local ani­mal shel­ter or res­cue group.

8. Work with your local parish to encour­age a “bless­ing” of pets day.

9. Hold a Saints And Holy Crea­tures Day on All Saints Day. Chil­dren can come dressed as a saint who loved ani­mals and tell his or her story.

Encour­ag­ing young­sters to be good stew­ards is a bless­ing and prayer for the whole universe.

Want To Know More About Saints And Holy Crea­tures?

Butterfly Thoughts — Can You Be A Butterfly

Butterfly Leaving Cocoon

Even A But­ter­fly Has To Work Hard

I was walk­ing with my lit­tle dog Brad War­ren yes­ter­day, and he found an empty cocoon cas­ing.  I could see the tiny open­ing where the lit­tle but­ter­fly flew out.

I can remem­ber a time when as a child when I really did see a but­ter­fly that was try­ing to escape from its cocoon.

It was so mind-boggling to see that frag­ile crea­ture fight­ing his way to escape that cov­er­ing. I stood there quite a while and began to worry that maybe that lit­tle insect might not be able to escape.


I decided it was time for me to come to the res­cue so I found a lit­tle branch and began to make a hole to help the but­ter­fly leave its shel­ter more eas­ily. My friend Janie stopped me and would not let me do that. She knew a lot more about but­ter­flies than I did.

She told me that if I helped the lit­tle crea­ture out that it would most prob­a­bly not live the day.

You see, all the flap­ping and strug­gling to break away from the nest was really help­ing the but­ter­fly to become strong and healthy.
All the hard work that was going on had a very good rea­son.  It was build­ing up the butterfly’s strength so it could fly.

Janie also told me that but­ter­flies have a spe­cial fat in the cocoon when they strug­gle to get out. This fatty oil goes all over its tiny body and wings. If the oil did not spread on its body, it would not be made safe from the weather and the elements.

The butterfly’s wings might even get break­able and cracked.
They most likely would fall apart and the lit­tle crea­ture would never be able to soar.

Janie explained to me that the but­ter­fly is made that way for a spe­cial reason.

Even though it works hard, feels trapped inside its cocoon, and want total free­dom;
it is in the hard work that is get­ting ready to be free and live in the beau­ti­ful out­side world.

This is such a great les­son for all of us to learn.

We all have to expe­ri­ence things in our life that are not easy.  We all have chal­lenges and strug­gles we have to go through.  There are even times we are unhappy and won­der if
we will ever be free from what makes us sad or worried.

But Remem­ber The Butterfly


Remember The Butterfly

Per­se­ver­ance Pays Off


There may be times in your life when you have to strug­gle or work hard to be suc­cess­ful.  Then – after you have done the hard work – and because you have been true to that goal you set–  you can feel free and full of hap­pi­ness that you have succeed.

Think about it.…..

Can You Be A Butterfly?

Love And Wisdom






Are You A Valentine Chocolate Surprise?

Are You A Valen­tine Choco­late Surprise?


Box Of Cholocates Almost Eaten

What Kind Of Choco­late Sur­prise Are You

How may of us look for­ward to Valentine’s Day when our friends and fam­ily give us that won­der­ful box of choco­late hearts we love so much?

What do you think is the best part of get­ting those sweets? Eat­ing them or guess­ing what fla­vors are inside? It’s a real choice for some of us to try to fig­ure out which ones will be the best.

This Valentine’s Day if you get a spe­cial gift like a big box of choco­late candy, see if you can do this:

1. Choose a piece that you think you might want to try, but don’t eat it right away. Do you think you can do that?

2. The best part of choco­lates is that they all hold a secret. Although all the can­dies have some dark and light choco­late on the out­side, they all have dif­fer­ent fla­vors on the inside. Some have straw­berry, some choco­late, vanilla, cherry, nut, and tof­fee.
You name it, it can be hid­den in that tasty lit­tle treat.

3. Can you really tell with­out pinch­ing any­thing, what is in the inside of that treat? You can if you have x-ray vision but not most of us do.

4. Here comes the best part. Take a bite and find out what you got.

The Choco­late Connection

Row Of Different Chocolates

The Choco­late Connection

You know, most folks are like the choco­lates you choose out of a Valen­tine box.
You just can’t tell who or what a per­son really is by just look­ing at the out­side of them.

Pay atten­tion how they look or how they really act toward you.

It really does not mat­ter if you are an older per­son, adult, or child, tall or short, heavy or thin, what color or coun­try you come from — these things that how on the out­side of us do not really share the secret of who one really is.
By remem­ber this, we have to remem­ber to take steps to really get to know
how a per­son really feels or thinks or what makes them blue or happy,
what they really enjoy or not, and what they believe by get­ting to know them
on the inside and who they are.

Each one of them is just like that spe­cial chocolate.

They are made dif­fer­ently and have had life expe­ri­ences that may make them just like us or very dif­fer­ent. It does not make them strange or bad.

It makes them unique.

Here is a lit­tle story to help you remem­ber the next time you see some­one who is dif­fer­ent from you and you begin to judge them from their outer shell.

Water Well Story Where Goodness Lives

Story Of Where
Good­ness Lives


Once upon a time, in a far-away land, three young men stopped by an old farm-house where a lit­tle boy lived. The men were thirsty. They needed some­thing to drink.

They asked the young boy,” Do you think you could let us get some cool water from your well?”

The boy thought and thought. He did not like the way that the men were dressed and was afraid they were going to harm him.
But the boy said, ” I sup­pose you can. Please just help yourself.”

Well, after the men had taken their water, they began look­ing down the deep well.

This make the lit­tle boy very nosy as he never thought about look­ing at well bot­toms.
So has ques­tioned them, “What in the world are you look­ing for or at?”

The trav­el­ing men told him, “Don’t you know?” Good­ness lives down in the well.
The boy was amazed. He had never seen any­thing, but dark­ness down there.

He asked the men, “Can you pick me up, so I can check it out for myself.“
The men boosted him over, so he could check it out for himself.The boy only saw the water below.

He only saw his own face. Dis­ap­pointed he said to them,

But that is only my face.” “That’s not good­ness, that’s only my reflec­tion.“
The three wan­der­ing men said, “Now you know where good­ness lives.
It exists inside of you.”

The weary group then explained that good­ness can be in many places at once.
 It can in the sky
— It can live on land
— It can thrive in the water

But where in the uni­verse does good­ness really make a home?

In the deep water well?
In the lap-top com­puter?
In your cell phone?
In the ipod?

Where in the uni­verse do good­ness and kind­ness live?

Well, do you know?

Boy And Girl Embracing

Good­ness And Kind­ness Lives Inside You

The answer is so sim­ple. It is inside of you.

It’s not found in any machine, or toys, cookie, treat, or piece of chocolate.

Next time you look at your­self or oth­ers about you, remem­ber to say, ” I’m look­ing at the best place where kind­ness and good­ness do live.

It is found in the heart.

Like that spe­cial box of choco­lates, take one piece of good­ness each day and make it spe­cial for you and some­one you love.

Take time to know your Valen­tine Choco­late Surprise.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Heart Power Is In You

Good­ness And Kind­ness Come From You


How Do You Unzip A Banana? (Words Of Wisdom And Love Ages 4–8)


Big Yellow Banana

Can You See A Zipper?

Do you like to eat bananas?

Bananas are one of the world’s coolest fruits besides being a great healthy treat.
Have you ever really looked at a banana? Go to the kitchen and see if mom has one.

Just take a really good look at it.



They are yel­low, long, slim, smooth and really very handy.

Funny though, you can’t smell it or eat one with­out peel­ing it.

One of the best things about bananas is that they are tal­ented.
You just don’t have to eat them as they are.

You can:

  • bake banana bread
  • bake cook­ies
  • dip them choco­late frozen covered
  • slurp cream pies
  • and even in a big banana split 

How good can that be?

Bet­ter still, bananas are prac­ti­cal. You can carry them any­where you want.

You can eat them when you are walk­ing, play­ing, on a pic­nic.
You can do more than one thing at at time as well when you are eat­ing your banana.

Some things can be sit­ting in your favorite chair lis­ten­ing to music, read­ing a great book, watch­ing TV, or play­ing on your com­puter.  All these can be done while you are eat­ing your yel­low “buddy.”

Best of all, it’s so sim­ple to eat one. Just pull the peel off.

You can pull the cov­er­ing one at a time. You can also peel it all the way down. You can eat the banana half way and then try to peel the skin all the way down. Eat­ing a banana really is simple.

But there is a lit­tle prob­lem with bananas that you may have expe­ri­enced. Once you peel a banana it is prac­ti­cally impos­si­ble to close the peel back up again.

Peeled Banana Image

Hous­ton -
We Have A Problem


Have you ever seen a banana with but­tons or a zipper?

Maybe you have never tried to close a banana? Glu­ing and tap­ing is not a good idea. Sta­ples or paper clips are not safe and we should never even think about doing that.

That’s the big deal about eat­ing bananas. That is the one problem.


Once you break open the peel, you have to eat the fruit. The peel won’t stay back up.
Besides, bananas do not taste very good if you leave it out in the open.

Now just think about this: Life can be like peel­ing a banana.

We can make choices that once we have decided to do them,
we can­not take it back or put it in place again.
Some­times we can say unkind words to a friend, brother, or sis­ter.
We can’t take those mean words and put them back in our lips and zip them up again.

Image Of Fighting Words With Colorful Stars

Words Can Hurt

Some­times we can do self­ish or hurt­ful things to oth­ers. Once those actions are done,we may want to take it back and close them away. Like a peeled banana, it is not possible.






So what can you do make things bet­ter. I know you are not a banana.

What you are though is a good per­son. So you do not have to be “yel­low”.

Take a brave step.…..

Smiling Red Lips and Teeth

Be Brave And Take The
First Step









What can you do not to be a unzipped “banana”?

  • You can say “I am sorry.” When we make unwise choices, we can ask for forgiveness.
  • We can also do some­thing to show that per­son we really meant it by doing
    some­thing that will make them smile.

Unlike your favorite banana, you can get back to being the best and enjoy­ing this won­der­ful uni­verse again by ask­ing for for­give­ness when we make a choice that hurts others.

Unlike a banana, you can be whole again by just kind in your thoughts, words,
and actions.  Try it.

Image Of A Smiling Banana

Don’t Be Like A Banana

Words of Love And Wis­dom
Your Friend,